RLJ Budget Coaching offers a range of services to help you achieve the results you’re after. I will assist you in developing a plan to meet your specific needs and goals. Call, text or e-mail today to set up your consultation for your personal or business related finances. Contact Rick at (217) 898-0458.


Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have related to the services I offer. There is never a charge for contacting me for details about how I can help you reach your financial goals! If you agree to work with me we’ll set up a formal consultation which is detailed below.

The Consultation is a one-on-one, personalized session that will last about an hour. During this session we will discuss your current financial situation, budget challenges & concerns and future goals. After discussing present circumstances, we would review the expertise I will provide tailored to your short and long term goals. The Consultation will carry a $50 fee. Should you choose to work with me, this $50 fee will be applied to the purchase of one of the following packages. 

Budget Road Map

With a discounted price of $199 (after $50 consultation fee is applied). The Budget Road Map option includes a current budget and revised budget report, summary of savings and investments with future projections (including retirement guidance) and summary of debt with future projections.

Personal Coaching

The Personal Coaching package includes the previously mentioned Budget Road Map in addition to a very personal and tailored experience. This option provides a one hour phone call per week that will be spent ensuring the created budget is being followed, it will also include a Budget Variance Report (this compares budget vs actual performance) and time spent answering any questions or concerns you may have.  This option is a 3 month commitment and is $149 per month after the applied $50 consultation credit.



Keep checking back for specially designed programs and financial crash courses!

Business Options

Business Consultation – The Business Consultation is a one-on-one, personalized session that will last about an hour. During this session we will review your current financial situation and future goals. The Business Consultation is $100. Should you choose to purchase one of the below options the $100 fee becomes a credit towards either of the packages. 

Budget Road Map Option– A one time prep fee of $299, after the $100 credit is applied from the consultation meeting. Business Budget Road Map includes:

  • Sales & other income projections
  • Expense projections
  • Summary of savings and investments with future projections
  • Summary of debt and future projections

Business Coaching Option – $499 per month with 3 month commitment. 

  • Weekly 1 hour phone meetings to discuss current performance
  • Budget and projection updates as needed 
  • Monthly budget variance report comparing actual vs budget
  • Answering any questions and addressing any concerns you might have
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